How do I get out of my shell and be more extrovert?
(Please don't say '>exit' !!!)

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    Sit with people even if you don't talk. One step at a time :)
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    ^D woks well too!
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    Take it slow. As @gitpush said, sit with people listen and try to push yourself to interact with them as much as possible. It's hard to start with but youll feel more comfortable the more you do it.
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    not rant, but tag it as rant? there's a questions category or random, maybe that's an indication of your social issues too?
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    It’s hard once everyone knows you as the asocial guy but if you happen to be starting a new job I suggest you just fake it from the beginning and then keep doing it. Just come up to people, introduce yourself, smile, makes jokes be yourself and just talk a lot.
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    That's how I've done it. Fake it until you make it. Alcohol helps too. My work go to the pub a lot so it's easy.
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    @irene sometimes they are right. Being introvert is, most of the time, a curse. Humans are social creatures.
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    @irene yeah I know but both of them make a terrible combination. You wont have the tools to break out of depression for example.
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    @irene is right about imagining opinions. I'm really bad for obsessing about hypothetical opinions but not giving a fuck about them is a lot easier said than done. After forcing myself to speak to people, I'm a lot happier about not being so introverted and I don't worry so much about the hypothetical opinions. They used to stress me out but now I know what the real opinion is most likely to be, but only because I know from experience.
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    alias e='exit'
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    adding this to ~/.bashrc should work too :) :) :)

    bind -x '"e":"exit"' && bind -x '"b":"exit"'
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    95% introvert here. 😕
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    Socialize with the ‘say’ command
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    I’m a mix of everything really, motivation has been my keen influencer as of lately.

    Also, confronting people about the stupid shit they do like blasting music until 3 AM sets my anxiety I never thought I had on supreme edge.

    I have also accepted that my brain is fuckity fucked 👌
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    Well, it's possible that your not introverted but shy and anxious. If getting drunk or high helps you, consider having a therapy and perhaps some meds for social anxiety. Yes, there is a disorder on that what you feel.

    Another thing that might help - is participating in activities with people who share your interests. Comic con? Tech conference? Or dancing lessons?
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    Ask a Person you trust. Ask them to bring you along. Once you're somewhere there are kind of two ways.

    Possibility one: Alkohol, weed, what ever works for you. Might not be what you're confortable with and you absolutely don't have to do it. To be absolutely fucking Preise! Don't do drugs just to be cool! And don't do hard drugs! Really don't.

    Possibility two: (what you should probably do), pretend you're not there. Pretend someone else is there instead of you. I mean after all, you're a bunch of electric impulses driving a fucking meat skeleton! You can be who ever you fucking want to be! So just pretend to be that person, until you are that Person!

    Now, you magnificient bastard, go out there and get them!

    Edit: if I might ask, where are you from? I have India in mind, but I might be wrong. I ask, as I'm sure there are a few ranters from around you where you could tag along. After all, we're family.
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    I like the 2nd idea. Guess I can do it !
    Also: not India
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    @irene then start with something online. If you have a hobby, Look if there's an online community.
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    @irene have you considered talking to a psychologist? After all, I'm just a Guy in the internet, who has no idea what he's doing most of the time.
    Do you have any interests, that aren't hobbys yet?
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    @Wack hobby? Coding :)
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    @irene I know, pretty difficult.
    Same feeling about having fun alone
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    @irene they can provide another perspective or just ask questions and then you come up with solutions.

    Now about the coding, @R1100 said as hobby. Look for an open source project in whatever language you feel confortable in. Look at the open issues. Try to fix one. Submit a PR. Wait about a months until it gets approved. Find out if there are any opensource meetups around you. Go there. Or (live) stream your coding. If no one watches it, so what. If someone does, that person may write you.
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    Anyone else? 🤷🏻‍♂️
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