Yesterday was my first day in college as a cst student, anyone have any advice for me?

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    Learn 😂
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    @Sumafu I'll try 😅
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    Love, live, learn
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    Get your work done early
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    @alexbrooklyn write that on a poster or a doormat *shiver
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    A few...
    - Do not eat yellow snow
    - find where linguists and psychologists live. You know.. When your dry spell is too dry
    - do not expect to learn programming languages. It's not what colleges are for
    - don't be the 'just enough to pass' guy. It will bite, it will bite you hard
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    Get really good at javascript. That's where most of the jobs are for new devs fresh from school. I hated JS in school and never did anything with it outside of a single class, then I hit the job market and it's all everyone asked about. Make sure you understand the fundamentals they teach in school, data types, algorithms, design patterns, etc, but make sure you're getting really good at one language as you go through the program. Being able to write a hello world program in 10 languages is useless. If you hate JS then pick something you do like (that you cross check against job listings in your area to ensure marketability) and make sure you're highly skilled in it by the time you graduate.

    Also, do more than is required of you for projects and double that for bigger term projects or team projects. You want your best assignments for your portfolio but if you just do the bare minimum for a b or low A none of them will be good enough to help land you a job.
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