We need your help to protect the peace in Northern Ireland, please sign this petition to demonstrate against the governments attempts to block MP’s from stopping a no deal Brexit which could (and some have argued already has started to) result in a ramping up to terrorist actions by the NIRA, RIRA, UVF, UDA and other groups -

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    Could be nitpicking here but I don't think devRant is the place for this.
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    You want to block what was voted for by a majority? Hasn't that process been sabotaged enough at this point?
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    UK won't have any deal anyway. Any attempts at it so far were meant only for UK citizen consumption in order to create image of "We tried, but EU was not reasonable". They would have to convince all member states to get any deal thru. Negotiating only with France and Germany will serve no other purpose but to piss off other states, even if those 2 can have some influence on some members.
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    @RememberMe To be honest it’s under the random category and it will have a direct impact on my life and my role as a dev so I fail to see how it couldn’t be categorised as being ok where it is?
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    @NOPSledRider How was a no deal voted for “by a majority” where everyone during the referendum said there would 100% be a deal? At no stage did Boris Johnson stand on a stage and say he would have a no deal
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    @arraysstartat1 The problem is though that they could have sorted a deal if the DUP who fly in the face of the views of their constituents hadn’t insisted on changing the back stop to the whole UK
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    Why do you care? Why do you want your country to give away its resources to a corrupt authoritarian organisation that it is leaving anyway? Be glad there is no "deal" and carry on.
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    @hidden fair but consider this https://devrant.com/rants/278602/...

    If you still feel it's justified then carry on, my point was just a friendly reminder.
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    @RememberMe Yea no I get ya, but to me and the rest of Northern Ireland this isn’t about normal politics, it’s about peace and our ability to live in a country without people blowing us up, like with regards to normal stuff like funding for stuff and who should be allowed what benefits I completely agree but when it’s literally been a case that in the last 2 weeks there’s been a number of paramilitary attacks and there’s a risk to a peace accord I just thought people might want to help
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    @NOPSledRider I care because I live in Northern Ireland where the moves by this government are risking the resurgence of paramilitary forces which if I’m honest I really would rather not have. I’ve had enough bombs and security alerts for a life time and the suggestion that the EU is a dictatorship when Boris Johnson is stopping Parliament meeting I would say is disingenuous
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    devRant rules say "no politics allowed".
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    erm. the UK nationals and residents :/
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