Hey DevRant Fam <3

Hope everyone is doing very well as always!, i want to say sorry for my recent lack of activity in our community, i absolutely do miss communicating with everyone here as always dearly! there has just been too much going on within my life recently and i personally just needed a good break from everything , though to be honest more work was done than what i call my 'break', but guys not too much to say, about a week ago i turned 23 and things are finally starting to get a little better for me :-).

i'm also nearing the end of my degree in IT which this sem I've actually been working on a project for my first ever client with two other team mates, though i honestly feel that two of us are mainly carrying the team and the workload of course, but even so i must say i love learning all the time and its a real honor to do something i love and of course do with all of my heart :D.

as always everyone once again from the bottom of my heart i hope everyone is doing very well, and wish the best for you guys !

Milo <3 :D

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