GPL or MIT License ? What you guys prefer to contribute, use, or whatever on Open Source software?

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    GPL and MIT are more or less the same to be frank.

    I personally prefer GPL because I love GNU/FSF. Implications are pretty much the same.
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    Definitely MIT.
    GPL is a restrictive mess, that will eventually reduce the success of your project, since it restricts its use cases.
    Also its much easier to understand than GPL, for proof, just visit https://choosealicense.com and compare the GPLv3 and MIT samples.
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    When I contribute, I use the license of the project. Otherwise, the most projects will not accept the contribution.
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    GPL is certainly not the same as MIT. I usually use the latter or just no liecense when I'm doing my own thing. Never GPL dear god
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    @Haxk20 but you're allowed to sell it. The whole wordpress ecosystem is GPL and there are many sites where you can buy the plugins for much less money and it's allowed to do so.
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    I'm using GPL because I don't support closed source leeches.
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