love finding those lol

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    At least he's committed to making improvements
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    think i would just hang it up right then and there. Dig a hole 7ft deep in the backyard, toss my computer and phone in, then cover them with a foot of dirt, leaving the remaining 6 to put myself in later when the new career in porn didn't take off like I wanted it to.
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    What's the app called? I'm curious.
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    @dfox check Goose777 out, another rapid fire bot
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    @dfox lol did you just instanuke his spam posts?
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    @JoshBent yeah, there’s a nuke tool for accounts.
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    @dfox I think they post one comment manually and then put it into an aging account pool for spamming, might be worth checking same day registrations or the same email.
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    I get some pretty bizarre reviews once in a while. I will probably soon make a compilation of the funniest in an article.

    As long as most are positive... 💁‍♂️
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