Ugh, I know I sound like an u grateful little brat, but summer holidays just aren't for me.
I hate wasting my time on the beach.
I hate the feeling of skin burn.
I fucking despise people that don't give a flying fuck about other's comfort and blast Disco Polo on their own JBL speakers. Even though there's music provided by the hotel.
Also babies, babies everywhere, crying and dashing around. My head hurts when I think about flying back. And I LIKE airplanes. But not when every baby and their mothers are crying on the top of their lungs.
Winter is so much better. Skiing is great and I don't have to worry all the time about getting skin cancer.

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    I feel you dont need to do the things you hate in summer vacation just coz they are the cliche summer activities. I hate the beach so i spend my vacations somewhere quiet, air conditioned and fun. No beach, no crying brats, no skin burn.

    Not sure summer vacation is the problem here buddy
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    @sleek Technically you are right. Unfortunately I'm very susceptible to peer pressure from my fiancée and family.
    So beach it is!
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    My wife loves the sea and the beach so every summer we have to go there. At least once.

    I'm a child of greenery: fields, forests, rivers and lakes. Sea is something repelling to me. Salty, crowded [beaches], even though the sea is huge there are only a few spots for swimming. Prices of everything are through the roof [300-400€ for a night per person during the peak this year]. It's hot, and when it's not - you get sunburnt while having chills on a cold day.

    Needless to say I do not like sea, esp at summer. I'd much rather do picking wild strawberries at some forest or make a fire by some lake or river for the night.

    And yet.. Things we do for our loved ones :)
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    @Agred careful with those f-words
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    @irene Naah, she's great most of the time 😉
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    Winter is better because it's much easier heating a room than cooling it
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    @12bitfloat I concur. Also I can wear less revealing clothes.
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    @Agred we all fall for that. I myself go places with my girlfriend just so i avoid a fight or nagging. But your work life should never feel better than your life at home. Once that happens its time to fix stuff. I learned that the hard way so i hope you fix it on time 👍🏻
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    @sleek But... I just like coding ;___;
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    @Agred You can code at home
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