Has anyone ever just completely forgotten literally everything about how a language works?

I use to be fairly good at Vala as and now I can't even remember how to load fucking CSS or use inline CSS .-.

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    I only explicitly try to remember the basics of every language I use, plus techniques
    Docs for details.
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    Always happens to me with SQL. I don't use it for long times and then cannot for the life of me remember what select is called
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    I spent six years of my life doing Assembly programming damned near 24/7 at an age where your brain just sucks up knowledge like a vacuum. And I developed some intense shit with it, not simple stuff at all. But when I look at that code now, even if I wrote it, it might as well be Egyptian hieroglyphs to me. I'm not sure I could reproduce what I created back then even if the fate of the entire human race was on the line, that's how little I remember of it all.
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    Whats a cheatsheet anyway?

    I've forgotten more languages than most people know.
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