2010: haha yeah I use StackOverflow too
2011: SO, amirite?
2012: omg SO servers are down
2013: am engineer and I use SO to remember how to eat and breathe
2014: guys, what if SO was down. CODEPOCALYPSE!
2015: I use SO and have imposter syndrome
2016: omg, git checkout this SO meme on /r/programmerhumor
2017: I'd rather skin my mother alive than have SO dowb
2018: Stack fucking Overflow... like.. what if... you... can't... use it... in an interview...
2019: check my twitter @paresh, tons of SO references with barely intelligible english

just fucking drop dead, pieces of shit...

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    @M1sf3t lol @ the duck.
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    @M1sf3t Won't won't find much SO praising outside of social media websites.
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    Goddamn you know you’ve read too many CHANGELOGS when you question the order of numbers like it’s semantic versioning on steroids 😂😭
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    2028: shut up and take my SO gold!
    2029: one does not simply SO
    2030: much WOW, such SO
    2031: do you even SO?

    Ok I'm out of ideas now

    2038: welcome back to 1970 motherfuckers!!!
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    Eventually someone will write a SO bot that will make programs for you. Just describe the features and it will curate snippets just like most devs and throw them together for your next multimillion dollar software idea! 👌🏼
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    @M1sf3t get me a duck, then (Groucho Marx)
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