Yesterday Mr Senior told us that "it's not possible to do that".
I (30 years younger) replied I read about that possibility in the manual.
So he challenged me to do it, laughing at me.

Today I went to the office really angry, I put the headphones on, with the song "Suicide Silence - O.C.D." in loop, and after 5 hours I solved the "big problem".

So, go fuck yourself Mr Senior, and RTFM.

Damn, I'm still listening that song.

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    Fuck yeah to proving that dickhead wrong and fuck yeah to suicide silence
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    Well done. Not for proving anything, but for sticking with rtfm and creating the thing.

    Healthy judgement is very welcome. Grudge and anger - not so much. Ignoring well argumented seniors' notes - not so much. I gurss he did not have solid arguments to base his "it won't work" :)

    Now off to the next task! :)
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    Im not much fun of that "hard metal" so cant judge there but you surely did good a thing. Show that person that even those he might have more experience he can be fucking wrong.
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    Fuck yeah! Screw that smart ass!! Good job, I like you :)
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    Seniors are overrated. Most of them just went up the ladder because they just aged, but did nothing to keep themselves updated, and for some reason that's considered a good trait in tech.
    Rise above, learn to tackle a specific problem in business, and dive in like crazy
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    @Haxk20 i have actually wondered before what kind of music you listen to. What do you normally jam to?
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    @AleCx04 Ouuuu i dont even know what is it. Im kind of into small punk with the cyberpunk 2077 music and other then that into electric music. Some synthwave, some trap. Just anything that i can listen to and when i start moving my head to the music then yeah i fucking like it. Its not style exactly that i like. Just a mix.
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    @AleCx04 And the latest shit im listening to is Imagine dragons. Heard of them for the first time today and im in love. See my latest rant.
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    When I was younger, it was seniors who didn't know jack shit.

    Now I'm the senior, its younger folk who don't know jack shit. :-)

    Perhaps its just other folk that know jack shit !

    Related link:

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    I read suicide silence i like damn still missing Mitch 😢
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    it's okay
    i knew one senior how knew nothing about usage of arrays of host variables in embedded sql statements
    my code worked 10 times faster
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    @xonya you will prevail. Show him the code. Get credits from boss.
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    The best thing seniors can do, is ask younger folk how to do stuff they don't know.

    The best thing younger folk can do, is ask senior folk how to do stuff they don't know..

    For people born on the exact same day, I guess they both know the same stuff. :-)

    I have no trouble asking anyone how to do stuff, whilst in my last place, when I asked someone fresh from school, my other seniors scoffed at me and said they would never take notice of someone that young telling them what to do !

    Their loss, whilst I went and learned something new.

    Old folk..

    <--- 50 something.
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    I agree with the learning /asking!

    When I started programming, I always ran up to my dad's office and asked him stuff. I was twelve. I still remember how he explained to me how a loop works in Delphi.

    3 years later he came down to my room to ask me complex stuff because I overtook his (then) 25yrs of experience..

    It's going on like this until now, it's a nice synergy of skillsets. Although his skills and approaches are kinda outdated sometimes.
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    I'm reminded sometimes someone rushes to show me some fancy new thing, I then point out we did that already 30 years ago. :-)

    Other times, I discover something I did 30 years ago, now has a name for it !

    I'm reminded of:


    > It is broken, can you make it go?
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    no man who listens to Suicide Silence can be wrong.
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    Maybe it was all a clever ruse to get you to do the work.
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    To be a successful senior dev you need to sense when it is a good idea to pursue something through the manuals and where to find them.

    People who "just aged" never do that, as they believe they knew it all already.
    Big mistake.

    Over 30 years of experience here, and I still learn new things every day.
    Love it!

    And besides, if someone says: "That's not possible!", then screw them!
    We are devs, it's our fucking holy job to *make* It possible!
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