I run a Discord for a small community and I found a image I really liked as most new users seems to think it's OK not to read the rules or believe that respect must be a rule rather then a thing given by them by choice.

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    I didn't read your rant but you're wrong.
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    What is this, attract the worse humans possible day today, wow there coming out of the woodwork.
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    @lloyd190 I missed the upvote, and I also can't take upvote's in to account as I have seen people do it just so they can say hurtful things to people and make it look like a "joke", hard to judge sometimes.

    But then deleting the comment makes me also wonder...
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    @Rexzooly I deleted the comment because I felt it was unnecessary to explain such obvious sarcasm.

    Pretty sure Norman didn't actually mean that, but it's a bit rough around the edges kind of joke so I would get missing that one.

    Saying you're doubtful of someone's motives is a bit offensive though.
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    @lloyd190 if you think sarcasm should be taken as red, this is another god darn problem with the human race, I shouldn't have to see any comment as sarcasm, I take people on there first words not what they didn't say, so I don't give a flying fuck if you think I was offensive, you come here and felt sarcasm was the best reply. well you was wrong to judge it that way, sarcasm is better done spoken or visual, the written word is not really created for sarcasm unless you do it right, and your didn't, well done.
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