Best budget laptop for development?

(Or at least under $999 USD)

Would like:
- Web Development without lag.
- Be able to run Visual Studio without lag.
- Light, I don’t want to carry around a bricc (Ultraportable any good?).
- Thunderbolt 3 Support? (would like to attach a decent external GPU enclosure for home gaming every now and then).

Or basically something I’ll get my moneys worth and isn’t shit.

All preferences and suggestions are welcomed, just don’t be a douche about it 😘❤️

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    Recently I got a really good offer for a Lenovo YOGA 530 with i5 8250u and I love it. It's a 2-in-1 with I think 14".
    If you need Thunderbolt maybe look for a YOGA 730.
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    MacBook Air would have been perfect if apple hadn't increased its price.
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    If you don't mind used, I just snagged an xps13 9370 for 720 USD before tax (i7, 16GB). Took me a while to find one that cheap, but if you're patient and know what you want you can get a good deal.

    Another good tb3 Ultrabook is the Spectre x360. I'd have gotten that one if I didn't find the xps so cheap.
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    @norman70688 what about the IdeaPad S94 series? Trash? (Other than the keyboard ofc)
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    Asus ROG. I5 128gb ssd and 1TB Hard disk with 4gb 1050 ti. I got it for around 837$ in India. Deal in US would be cheaper. I play many games on it like Apex legends, Dota. Everything runs smooth. Do check it out.
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    any gaming laptop under 1k$ would work pretty decently for development.
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    what's a laptop?
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    Lightweight is the key here my fellow ranters 👌 I need not a brick on my back or shoulder and I need to dock to an eGPU so I can stop living like a peasant ⚰️

    Love you all, muah 😘
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