My friends at work think i am a master race asshole cuz I moved solely to pc gaming.

In reality....i am just cheap af.

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    It's also better, so.
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    @duckWit oh most definitely man
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    @M1sf3t well i saw dark souls 3 for 59 at the store the other day. Just got it for 14 bucks on steam plus tax
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    Imagine paying subscription fee just to play online, bruh that cannot be me.

    Decent PC may cost twice of a console but I'm not paying recurring money.
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    Welcome to the master race! We pay for awesome generic hardware (high up front cost) play hard; still spend less than other gamers.
    This is why we are master race, foresight
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    I feel the same. Like as much as I love my nintendo switch, those games are criminally expensive tbh
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    @Haxk20 for gaming? Lololololol no
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    @theunknownguy exactly!! That is a big nono for ne as well bro
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    @inaba its horrible man. Sometimes the games are worth it like with spiderman ps4 and such. But the games are really expensive for the most part.
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    @Haxk20 many people? Looking around the results did not turn in as much as i would have wanted. I love Arch, but games are just not optimized for such platform yet. Big yet though, I do think that Arch(linix as a whole) has a future for gaming and a big one. I just don't see it right now. I'll keep to windows for that one.
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    @Haxk20 and just to clarify my man, I really want Linux to be the norm. If you have docs and resources that prove that it can be just as good with complete driver support and everything in between do share. You probably do know something that I don't :D
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    @M1sf3t ps has a lot of discounts, havent bought any game for more than $20 yet
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    @M1sf3t nah, but its $3 a month (the subscription is on a discount like every 2 weeks), and i dont really care about multiplayer so im basically paying for the games that come with ps+
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