Here we see the world's thickest user of 2FA. That tokens are stored offline is literally the whole premise of TOTP.

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    Rule 1: Always assume your users are idiots
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    The only issue I have with 2FA, is when you switch device, going through every single service that has it enabled and setting it up for a new device, or for some disabling it completely (which can be a lot of steps and even email links) then starting the process again.

    I get his frustration, as some of those services are inside company networks (in my case) so having 2 phones for a day or two just to transfer the keys is a royal pita.

    But in saying that, I'll be damned without it.
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    @C0D4 yes, sometimes I wish for an export button
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    andOTP can export OTPs and save encrypted OTP DB in Google Cloud backup
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    @gronostaj that looks like a great alternative
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    @retnikt And it's made by a devranter @flocke
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