Bruh, tbh, this is kind of going to be a sad rant.


For all the people out there, just stop fucking around with small companies/startups early in your career. Leetcode up and get into FANG. Once you have that validation, these startups will be much easier to get into.
I have gone through this first hand.

After amazing on-sites with multiple startups, where everyone said that I'm the kind of person they're looking for (background wise: CS grad, startup experience, 2+ YOE as a fullstack Dev using Java, py, js and all the famous frameworks you could name), they rejected me.

Heck, a company flew me out to SF from Seattle where I think I had had my best on-site ever. They rejected me today. The sad part is that I actually for once really believed in the mission of the company.

At this point, I have wasted so much time reading about the xyz startup that's about to disrupt pqr industry (to prepare for behavioral/cultural interview), practiced for such shitty interviews like pair programming etc., worked on numerous take home projects (completing all those "bonus" parts) and deploying it and spending money out of my own pocket for that.


I have given mock interviews with ex bosses and friends and they told me that I'm good. Heck, I even solved a LC medium in 20 minutes (optimal solution) but still got rejected.

I'm kind of writing this for myself and people who are on the same boat as I am:
Get into FANG and then think about other shit. STOP looking for smaller companies and being scared of getting your ass kicked by a Leetcode interview. Any company who would not take LC interviews will prefer someone from FANG unless you're lucky as fuck. You don't want your career to be based on luck, man. That shit's not gonna take you anywhere.

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    First sorry.

    Then recruiting a kind of cruising. You having the best answers doesn't mean shit. When I recruit I look at the code and how they tried to solve the problem. I don't give a shit about the finished en 30mins.
    And I have passed a lot of technical tests and being said "no thanks" afterward. And that's cool.
    I also passed technical tests, pair programming, and said "no thanks".

    That being said I never:
    * do a test requiring more than 4 hours
    * do a test around business logic and could create really useful code
    * do the first meeting in person (I won't move to meet you).
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    Whats FANG, i want to get into it already., lol.
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    Facebook Amazon Netflix and Google.
    Makes up for the most sought after top tier IT firms that pay you numbers that are just difficult to match
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