When the new iPhone has "The highest pixel density in an iPhone yet" and "Most ambitious chip ever in an iPhone", like they'd make a new iPhone with a slower processor and a worse display?

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    Marketing != logical
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    Maybe its because they have nothing else?
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    @stop that's the answer right there. The iPhone 11 still doesn't have USB-C. I guess Apple is all out of "courage" or something.
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    I just love how marketing guys use "ambitious" as a good thing. To me, that means "we're really trying to do something great here, but we've no guarantee it'll work."

    Not exactly what I'm looking for in a phone.
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    as my company says:

    "we werent able to find an improvement in the new iphones for users".
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    @JustThat Good point, though Apple should at least do it to have the same connector on all their devices.

    Or is this a trick to sell more adapters? At this point I wouldn't put it past Apple...
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