Not really a rant.

When you start learning a new prog paradigm focused on a particular branch of math and then see it being used to solve a sudoku puzzle in 3 lines of code. Well, that shit changes you and makes you wonder how much shit in the field we don't focus in for being too concerned with everythingPython and everythingNode

Brain is mush but I am loving this shit.

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    Well...tell us about it 😄 what language? What branch of maths?
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    @dodomo in this particular case:
    Programming language paradigm: Answer Set Programming.

    Programming Languages: Clingo, Prolog.

    Mathematical Fields: Discrete Math, Propositional Calculus.

    Some really interesting stuff man :D
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    @AleCx04 what are the industrial use cases?
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    @maxnar "Solving sudoku, dude! Get it together! Imagine how much time we'll save every day!"
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    @maxnar I have but one friend that works with it on the field, and it's pretty much what I imagined it would be: A.I and M.L. My boy uses Prolog and Clingo to design pattern recognition schemas, theorem provers, domain analyzers and a couple of other things that lend themselves well to the type of problem it focuses on: representing data and weeding out shit for the correct results.

    Think of it as a very strange way of writing sql man :P the end result of a query would be an intelligent agent(called an atom or predicate) which represents data either in a relational case or in amere symbolic one.

    That and just solving sudoku duh, pay attention bro
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    @Jilano lmao dude read my other post where I explain :P i added the last part before i even read yours. See? This why we bros :P
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    @AleCx04 *high five*
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    Yo fuck prolog i had to port an ages old prolog thing to scala and i lost 3 or 4 chromosomes that few weeks
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    @tekashi you know where i learned about prolog?

    School :P
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    @AleCx04 it aint like im not currently attending university you know
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    Yeah but most apps, and problems answered by programming these days are pointless, stupid, and shouldn't exist anyway.

    Thats not our job.

    Our job is to code the solution.

    If someone else wants to burn big piles of money doing it, thats their prerogative. Who are you to stop them from shoveling piles and piles of money into YOUR SALARY?
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