You know what sucks?
Having birthday...Literally not an hour ago and nobody showing up...At least nobody who you really cared about. Only people around are there because they knew you some years ago and expect to get a free drink...

Wanna know what sucks even more??
Being heartbroken and even though you felt horrible because of that person it is my minute of the year and the most I wish is her being by my site. Caring about me and just wishing me happy birthday.

Definitely the worst birthday ever but at least I'm drunk so that's that.

I just wanted to get that off my chest. Bye and have a nice evening y'all.

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    Same. At least we have this place.
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    Happy birthday @Tokimimo, we wish you the very best 🎉🎉🎉
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    Care more about those who came and less about those who didn't. :)

    Happy birthday!
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    Is this appropriate for @DevRant only because many devs have a small amount of friends? Seems like a personal thing, and not really a #DevRant.
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    @impressthenet this fits DevRant more than hashtags
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    @impressthenet unlike most stuff being posted here it is a rant, so yes I think it qualifies. Also devs have as many or few friends as anyone else, that's more a generation thing. (Millenials killed the friendship inustry!)
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    stop being interdependent
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    Maybe you don't have friends or you don't know them well enough. I for example do not like birthdays/weddings, or to be precise gatherings and drinking that they usually entail, so I wouldn't go to any of that unless you are my grandma on her 75/80/etc. birthday.
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    I would say I know them. To a degree at least, you never know how much a human shows you unless you read minds.

    Sure we all get older and a lot couldnt come because they had to work on Monday. I understand that.

    It still naggs on me though, since theres a festival in town and we all have the tradition to take vacation for it. since 6 years now. And they all knew I would have to party into my birthday.
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    Easier said than done, isnt it?
    At least for me ^^
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    Thanks for the congratulations guys! 😊 Nice to wake up to
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    I remember a birthday when my ex left me the day before !

    I was invited to a party too, but didn't go as I felt awful.

    In hindsight, I should have gone, because I might have met someone !

    Now I try and do things, no matter how awful I feel.

    FX [ Hugs. ]
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    @Tokimimo never said its easy
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    @Nanos Life will get better!

    That's the reason I still went. Better than being home alone
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    Or life will just repeat the same shit over and over again. :-)

    Of course, you can't know it will for sure..

    Actually, I reckon for the next 3 years, for me, it will !

    Lets hope in 3 years time I don't work out it will be another 3 years after that..
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    @Nanos Wish you all the luck!!
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