Is there any benefit of having custom input field dialogs, eg. for date and time? Should I be using just the HTML5 tags as-is (only styling the field itself), or create custom dialogs (creating custom javascript dialogs on top of basic text fields)?

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    Doesnt the date input pop out a calendar when you click on it? Thats a pretty good quality of life feature right there.
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    Native date pickers can be quite bad UX, at least they were in the past. Today, Android for example has a date picker that I think shouldn't be replaced. Maybe conditionally using native / custom date picker would be the good, but not easy solution.
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    If it's a desktop only application,
    Then a custom or lib for a datepicker is generally easier to use then browser built in ones from a user stand point.

    As for Mobile date pickers, revert back to native inputs as users will be accustomed to them.
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    @Quirinus date and time inputs do that by default on mobile, date also on desktop.
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    @C0D4 Sounds good, thanks :D Never crossed my mind to switch that between desktop and mobile devices since I knew that at least date inputs already have a calendar popup on most devices :D
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    When in doubt, remember to always use the semantic tags. If you need a date field then use input type date. If you don't like the defaults, change them
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    Whatever I end up picking, i do my best to allow users to type in their dates/times, and parse them. I hate almost all date time pickers. They're clumsy and slow, and I don't want to force my users to use them unless they really want to.
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