How to make your employee suffer, drive them insane and having suicide tendency 101.

Delay the paycheck for 18 days but still asking about task progress like a normal day. Like nothing happened.

I can't pay water and electricity bills that due in 3 days, can't buy medicine,
can't buy gas for the bike,
next week i'm not gonna be able to buy food

The good thing is, i still got the internet, i can look for new jobs and play some games to forget how shit my life right now while the electricity lasts.

I have no suicide tendency, just to make it more hiperbolic 🤣

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    Did you ask about the money?
    Verbal and/or written?

    If yes talk to a lawyer about possible steps!!
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    I already ask them but due to company financial condition, i must wait a little longer.

    I'm trying to avoid lawyers and court thing but thanks for the advice 😁
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    @falmesino seems like a badly organized company and its time for u to find a new one
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    bruh, living paycheck to paycheck describes tens of millions of people in the u.s., and probably 3.5 billion people or so across the globe.

    Misery is the default condition of human existence.
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    So I'm not alone in India
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    No. In fact you should curse your parents for having given birth to you. They did you a disservice.

    I do, every day. It's like the reverse of the "thankfullness mindset/practice."

    I call it the "practice of ingratitude: assigning blame rightly where it belongs."
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    @Wisecrack chill bruh I didn't said I'm going to die for that tomorrow. Call it whatever I m really happy and I know I'll not die poor.
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    If you're born poor it's your parents fault.

    If you die poor, it's yours.
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