I wish I could invite the me of 3-4 years ago to my room and prove him wrong.

Basically, the me of 3-4 years ago thought: "What do I need a home PC for? I got a laptop."; hell, he always forgot to put the laptop with the plural 's', because understandably, for his study life, he took low-cost PCs that would only last like one year.

But my boy, laptops are cool and all, but have you ever experienced the complete comfort of a proper desktop? In addition to the bonuses of a home PC in terms of performance, it leaves a much better space for work than just a portable terminal in front of you and pretty up close to compose. The accessories didn't even cost me much. And it feels great to have everything in its own, right place: the screen at the bottom, the phone standing on its holder, the earphones on your head, your left hand on a mat with papers potentially on it, your right hand on the mouse, which is on the mousepad and also on that mousepad, that character you adore so much, when both said hands are not on the keyboard, beneath the whole table, or on it when no papers are on the way.

Seriously, that pleasure I longed for was something you could have started, me of 3-4 years ago, right when I began with my studies.
But I have no rancor over you, I'm still onto my studies, so this is still something I can take profit of, during my student life, thankfully ;)

I'll just take note at your stead, of not being too stubborn over things that can do oneself a greater good, objectively. :)

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    >"it's tagged rant, now everyone has to suffer"

    Alright, here's a rant: I took the Rant/Story category, I tagged story to hope it's not tagged rant, so why is it a rant adjf;a;dkjajnflvamf
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    by mouse pad you mean clicker carpet*

    past rants related***
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    @Clear0Ff Yeah. I'm just used to Mousepad as my text editor, so everything is a mousepad to me lol
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    I can't agree with this.

    Laptops nowadays are just as powerful as a desktop PC with the added benefit of the portability (damn light!).

    Being a very minimalist kind of guy, just having one computer that I can bring anywhere I want or just arrive home and plug my kb+mouse and external monitor is perfect.

    I miss my gaming days, tho. Currently craving for more advanced computing and graphics (less thermal throttling) on laptops.
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