“You have a Jira?”
“You need a Jira, first”
“Open a Jira”
“You need a Jira for that too”
“That Jira is on the wrong board, plus you need to email _this_ form first”
Jira, Jira, Jira-fucking-jira, AAAHHHHHHHHHHH, STOP!

My job appears to be nothing more than an abstraction layer around Jira. A leaky abstraction

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    A jira? A jira? Wtf is a Jira?

    A Jira project?
    A Jira board?
    A Jira user?
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    Please create a ticket so we can address this issue
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    @Codex404 in this case ignorance is bliss. If you don’t know, enjoy your life without the knowledge. Because once you know, you can’t ever go back
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    @pingu it’s two tickets, involves to separate teams.
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    @brettski I use Jira daily and am the one who set it up at my current project. But "a jira" isn't anything.
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    @Codex404 sure it is. It seems to be a word which has replaced “ticket”. I don’t make this shit up, I just exist in it!
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    @brettski just tell your colleagues a jira isn't something. Can you imagine the Jira documentation if they called everything "a jira"
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    Apparently Jira is infrastructure. Terraform has a community provider for it so tickets can be automated. I really want to make a terraform template that chooses a random number for how many tickets to send and a random string to send.

    Automated fuckery!
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    @Codex404 same generalisation as with linux.. ppl use jira as a jira ticket term, if they are referring to anything else jira related they tell explicitly.. at least around here..
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    Why is this literally my job. My entire job is to make things work with Jira, even if I have to defeat the point of having it...
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