The devRant avatar builder should mos def offer loot boxes. I am nearly able to blow my first century on a new shirt or the duck. If a random loot box at 500 gave me the 1/1000 chance to get the white tiger, I would do it. Yes statistically if the model was driven like a slot game I would get the shirt or the duck anyway. But imagine the excitement, the fists slamming down on tables, the expletives. Passion like that leads to love. There is no love in choosing between the shirt and the duck.

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    Because devRant maintainers don't have better thi gs to do tuan worry about the lootbox regulations in E.U.
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    Please, no. It's bad enough in AAA games.
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    I'm a stick you're loot boxes so far up you're avatars ass, he'll be licking it clean. 🤔what could work as a avatar extra... a loot box as a chair.

    Also, I doubt these guys want to deal with the regulators over it.
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    *imagine the office no gif here*

    We dont need that here. The only thing it will encourage is spamming and begging for imaginary internet points to open an imaginary box. Just stick with what this is supposed to be. A place to rant.
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    We need more Fortnite lootbox gambling sites over here. Let's also invite Jake Paul and Ricescum to do the ad campaigns.
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    pls tell me its a troll...
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