Lead messed up the Git workflow (New repo), ask me to fix it. And when I said that we better do it from first properly, asked me if I even know git 🙄 Feel insulted.

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    Sometimes it is easier to just start a new repo from scratch other then fixing the mess if you don't care that much about the history in the same repo.

    Just keep the old one and append "-old" to it. :P
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    I've been there. Couldn't resolve 6 months worth of conflicts - 1 pull request that was never merged, with countless commits, but code was deployed anyway.

    Pulled latest prod copy, did full rebase and away we go on new "prod" branch and archived old branches in case I ever need to look back.

    Some people shouldn't be allowed to repo.
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    @pingu history?

    It was a new repo with only one commit 😂
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