What's the worst lie you've ever told a client?

That year, I told mine that we have to pay $100 for a GitHub repository to store the code and keep it safe from bugs...

I am still laughing at myself 😂😂.

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    But why? Is the IT salary so low, you have to lie for a hundred dollars?
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    My lies usually don't involve stealing.
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    I admit in my freelance days I did once or twice deploy an untested or broken feature to get an advance payment, but it got fixed in a matter of days and no one ever noticed. But taking money for non-existing costs? That's just wrong.
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    The few lies ever told to clients were to extend due date. Never ever tried to rip them off with their money.
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    You're right...to think of it, GitHub must be the most infected place in need of an army of Duck Brigades armed with RAID!
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    @devRat those were the days' man. I don't do that anymore.
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    hahahaha, ripping off people, amirite????????
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    We once told our client that the product is going to be finished on time... The project is now months behind schedule.
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    @Hazarth That's common in the industry.
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    "Yeah, this project is going to be totally amazing!"
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