Joined a flying school. Hopefully in a few years I can say goodbye to computers, bad pay, worse hours, and little respect

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    Fingers crossed mate. I'm still trying to find something that will let met escape the IT world and be fun and well-paid at the same time
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    The only problem is, I'm originally from the Middle East, my birthday is September 11, and I am joining a shooting club as well. I guess I have a cross hair on my butt already
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    Well the pay won't be nice if you include the debt, the work hours will be insane, but you may at least come around to bang some hot stewardesses.
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    @Fast-Nop What debt? I'm paying out of pocket... That's why I waited so long...
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    You know IT produces as much Carbon Dioxide as planes do? Around 2 percent of global CO2 emissions...

    Also, most of piston powered planes need fuel with lead... Not very good for the environment
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    Fuck the negativity man. I wish you the best and I really can't blame you for wanting out of this shitfest.

    Good luck my dude.
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    Thanks dude
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    @FuckJava if you aren't doing what you love dont do it at all. Especially if you are not getting paid fairly for your work. I'd rather do waste management and get better payed than to be a cook.

    But i love computers and my job so I can't really relate. Wish you luck though.
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    @Ubbe people always say that about lots of things and they are normally never over.
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