I can't be the only one who hates it when people pronounce GUI as "gooey". I pronounce the letters. Anyone else?

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    Well, at least they don't call "hover" "hoover" do they?
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    I say UI
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    I think both ways are ok :(
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    yea death to ppl who say gooey

    they're probably noobs who just thought it was a word and don't know the expansion, guys like that don't deserve to be in sw dev!

    rant rant rant
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    I always say the whole words as a trap to see if I'm talking to a wall. It's nasty but saved me lots of times from people that where pretending to understand things I tried to explain because they asked me to.
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    Gooey is fine
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    Don't get me wrong, I don't think it's bad to "gooey" I just personally don't like the sound of it.
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    Designers say ui. Coders say interface
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    I say gooyeeeee😰 and yes i know what it stands for..🖕

    I think it's fine because in non-english speaking countries many technical words are pronounced differently.
    I'll try saying GUI tomorrow to see if anyone has a clue what I said.

    In the meantime lets discuss CURL, SQL and other stuff I'm saying wrong, as if that makes my queries less correct.
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