I hate one guy in our office!!! 😡🤬
He is a very toxic person, but that was ok (more or less) till today.

Today I have had a videocall with a new team, PM and client, because I have ended the previous project and has been moved to a new one.

And this asshole has taken a purple pony(!!!) and touched my face with it few times while I speak with other persons via webcam!

I just lack of words to describe all my emotions about this situation 🤐
And he thinks it was funny!

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    I would take this up with manager and hr. This is not professional and could be considered assault.
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    LMAO what the hell! Who would do that, is that guy 7 years old?
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    @ninjapants he is almost 30 y.o. React developer, but sometimes he do some shit like a kid, you are right (>◇<)
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    @CyberXander Lol, the police report on that. "Assault by purple My Little Pony"
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    This guy obviously wants attention good or bad.

    Could he be flirting with you?

    Don’t go to your manager or HR that will make it worse but do find some way to deal with him.
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    I, for one, would be happy to get snuggles from best princess Luna. 😊
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    Ductape wrap that pony
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    Yeah that's not professional at all. Depending on who all was on the call I may have slapped him had I been in your shoes. Start with a Stern talking to about professionalism and if it continues take it up with a superior.

    We've got a guy in our office who loves practical jokes and while most of them have been harmless, he wiped a guy's computer with rm -rf one day. I told him what to expect if he pulled that shit with me.
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    @sylar182 "rm -rf" That is time theft (time it will take to fix), destruction of property and who knows what else. I would go to management the first time.
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