"So we have 20GB of data, we need to show ALL of it on the graph ... oh yea it needs to work on mobile"

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    why not. it is actually possible.
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    OMG we could then sell 32GB of ram to any user who want to use the software, this could make us millions muwhahahahaha

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    Use mongoDb .d
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    We want to be responsive and with dynamil filters.
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    @dayo whether you show all of it in a single graph or only sample subset data out of full set on mobile it won't make much difference visually.
    show only sampled data it will use much less bandwidth and computing.
    allow to zoom in then fetch that much zoomed sunset of data.
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    sunset -> subset
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    Cache the shit out different subsets, fetch the subsets from Redis f.example - no problemos.
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    Or old school the shit out of it and just put it as an overnight job to generate a jpg
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