So I have been merging loads of branches lately for our final release and now it’s affecting my dreams.

I sleep with two pillows, judge me I don’t care. One night I woke up screaming “Why won’t this merge?”

Everyone woke up and it took sometime for me to come to my senses. When my family switched on the light I saw one of my pillows partially shoved into my other pillow’s case.

I need a vacation.

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    Aight guys, this one wins
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    I have these sorts of dreams about companies I don't even work for anymore. Is post traumatic dev disorder a thing?
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    @soggybutter yes it’s a thing and then you get flashbacks when they call you because they lost the hand over notes.
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    ++1 for the genuine snortlaugh this induced.
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    I'm sorry you're suffering but you're suffering gives me enjoyment.
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