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    I have licensed one of my small projects under the WTFPL and provided a German translation for the DBAD license.
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    Or just public domain
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    @RantSomeWhere It's on the GitHub repo of DBAD ;)
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    @dudeking wtfpl as license, "don't be a dick" as code of conduct.
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    I actually use that for the majority of my stuff on GitHub lol
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    As an alternative to GPL, spot on.

    Now we just need an alternative to all those aggressive people trying to shove their COCs in everyones collective asses.
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    @Wisecrack what do you mean? Say I have a well known open source project, people will come force their shit in my project? And if I refuse what will happen? My account gets banned?
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    CoC is mostly about harvesting free labor from dipshits stuck in the university-debt-recycler trap anyway.

    Opensource is powered by slavery!

    Was gonna be the title of a post but I never got around to writing it. Maybe I'll get one of those slav..volunteer contributors to do it. Heh.
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