I was hoping it would be possible in a big international company to work (as a software developer) on my own laptop (MacBook Pro) - cause of better parameters = better performance = better efficiency. After I got hired, I was told that it is not possible to bring my own laptop. So I was given an old DELL laptop with Windows + a lot of security stuff in it from the company. The poor DELL is so slow - that even a single commit into the branch takes about 2 minutes because of the security stuff : -O ...I am soooo disappointed... :[ .... On the other hand, by working at home on my MacBook in compare with that DELL I feel about it like I work with some super ultra alien technology from the future :D what a feeling <3

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    Only small and medium sized firms allow the BYOD policy ... but still it's a nightmare 4 the IT Dep. because you have so many possible devices to manage ... don't forget the IT Sec holes you create
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    With BYOD there is the added problem of ensuring nothing belonging to the company (code, data, licenced apps, etc) is left behind when you leave.

    Also, tbh, I would not want to mix personal stuff with work stuff, even if I was BYOD I'd use a machine dedicated to the work and keep a separate machine for non-work
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    I've worked in offices where BYOD was enabled, but there was no access to our environment from the office. We had to remote into dedicated VM desktops, and access to the environment was enabled from there. I thought it worked pretty well. I set up a bunch of triggered port forwards to allow me to work from anywhere, but the setup was pretty simple for the desktop people to maintain.
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    I can always give excuse of slow laptop for missing the deadline
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    That's just a good reason to take a coffee break every so often
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