New to databases - How is it that Oracle has been around for so long, yet have terrible documentation? Their support forums consists of condescending developers who never actually answer the questions and the forums’ format is just so bad.

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    Peak enterprise software
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    But for real: If you have the choice use MariaDB or even better PostgreSQL
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    @12bitfloat Going from MariaDB to Postgres really did feel like that scene in the matrix when Neo learns martial arts :v
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    Welcome to enterprise grade development.

    Where documentation is useless, and communities are circle jerks.

    Unless you don't have a choice - good luck, otherwise choose another DBS.
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    Oh, I dare you to use Oracle. That is if you don't give up during install.. 😁
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    If you have enough money burning a hole in your pocket to use Oracle, you're supposed to also have enough money burning a hole in your pocket to pay for an "Oracle consultant". :3
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    @dindin oh you can actually get the thing to install?
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    Oracle is a widely hated company. Some say it is even more hated than Microsoft.
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    @12bitfloat I’ll definitely look into that in the future. Just a student working on labs and was given this as an option and it’s kind of baffling knowing large enterprises work with this.
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    @HollowKitty I think that's the point.

    Why pay for documentation you can't charge for when you can save money by not documenting and charge for consultation.
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