Every website now except mine.. well, when it goes live 😂. Anyway found on Twitter

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    matrix has you
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    Its even worse. Ad banners popping out everywhere. Get our mobile app banner. Sign in banner. Top toolbar covering 15% of the site. The rest is covered by cookies banner.

    This leaves like 20% of screen to the actual content. Yuck.
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    @Quirinus lol. Don’t you use Adblock or any ads blocker?
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    @suprano Im just saying in general. I use it on the computer, but not on the phone.
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    @Quirinus ah, got ya.
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    @Quirinus get firefox on your phone and you can install unlock origin or whichever you like. Just saying 😊
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    In Europe it actually works properly - you can set cookies to the absolute minimum required for the page to function.
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    @bvs23bkv33 OMG! After all this years it hit me... It did not occur to me it was a programming reference, I just always kind of did not think anything about it.
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