I want to fight climate change because i want my snow back.

This is what matters.

Economical reasons? Nah
Being nice to earth? Nah
Doomsday reasons? Nah
I want to see snow in my city again? Yes!

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    There are easier ways to achieve that (Nuclear winter being one of them).
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    @Jilano I know it's not as much fun, but ever heard of snow cannons? 🤔
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    @sboesch "Look at mister fancy pants, here, having water to waste and shit!"

    I just wanted to bring snow to everyone, but for local use, your idea works well.
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    Did someone steal your dreams?
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    I too would welcome long winter back in the place where I grew up. I promise I won't be complaining about shoveling anymore :'(
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    I'd rather have a long summer, only get a few sporadic days in England.
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    Just buy a snow cannon?
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    Snow is wonderful 💙

    Living in the desert, though, @ultimaterage can kindly screw off with his wishes of longer summers.
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    @Root Nature did its best to prevent settlers but you still made camp. Kind of your fault, don't you think? :D
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    @Jilano Blame my parents. I've done everything I can to escape; just haven't quite managed yet.
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    I'm the opposite...I moved to FL from MN and would be happy to move back if it was nice and toasty all year.
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    @sboesch @Emphiliis Snow cannons make a snow that is very clumpy. They also need a certain temperature to function.
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    Encourage your city to plant more trees, like along the side of the streets.

    It helps to reduce the heat-island effect that lots of concrete, steel and glass tend to produce.
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    My small city is surrounded by parks.
    The funniest thing is that more snow had appeared in the bigger city that in my one...
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    FWIW I don't even support the concept of "manmade climate change", unless we count all the garbage and air pollution coming out of asia, or the random minor volcano burps that output more CO2 and other pollutants than all human activity in all of record history combine.

    But I like to entertain the idea, despite all the worldly experience that cynically allows me to say "it's a giant politically driven money making scheme", that I could be wrong..

    So I try to suggest things people can do at human scale, because government is a nonstarter for us all anyway because it gives people, even people I like to shit on, a little bit of hope and human agency, and that got to be enough..because in actuality humanity is probably doomed and not for any of the everyday reasons people may think..

    "Think global, act local."

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