Had a LinkedIn recruiter contact me a few months ago, I usually get one of these a week at minimum and usually more frequent the moment a start a new position. I hate that!

Anyway, story and rant:

The recruiter sent me a position that was pretty good, lots of benefits, not too far to drive, some remote days. With the usual list of responsibilities that they themselves dont know what half of them are but put them on anyway, I would automate those anyway if I wanted to work there.

All looks great, I ask if they can send me more details and the budget they company has for the position.

This was for a Senior position so I thought they would know what industry standard is.

The recruiter replies with a budget: $2000

I actually couldn't believe that they thought that was acceptable amount of money for the amount of responsibilities they wanted this new senior guy to do, no wonder the previous guy left.

I respond and told her that the amount is extremely low for what they want and I dont think they will find someone with the skills they need at that amount. I would be willing to talk for a minimum of $4000 and thats not guaranteed until I can go for a formal interview to find out exactly what the company needs.

The recruiters replay was probably the rudest anyone has ever been to me online, lol! She insists its industry standards and any Senior would be lucky to get such a great paycheck, the company has been in business for years and their developers have always been happy and paid industry standards.

I respond again and tell her that im getting $3800 at this small company where I currently am and if the "international company with clients all over the world" wants to have my skill set why is it that they cant pay premium salaries!? As well as the graphs for my Country on what the current industry standards are for salaries in my industry.

She never replied, but I kept tabs on the company she was recruiting for. They are still looking for a senior dev, its been 8 months now and no one has applied.

I am so happy more developers are standing up for themselves and not taking agencies bullshit with low salaries, crazy overtime and bad technical specs.

Note: Amounts are made up, was just to show comparison.

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    I've even seen companies go out of business only because they were too cheap to hire a developer and couldn't support their own clients anymore.
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    That was the best way to handle it. They will try again and again.
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    Over what period of time is that amount of money offered? Is that a weekly, monthly, fortnightly amount? I haven't seen that amount before, as all potential positions are discussed with hourly or annual salaries.
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    @bahua That is monthly and full time, also the numbers are made up since most people use dollar amounts. But its pretty accurate to the true amounts.

    In South Africa in the past few years we have had an agency problem where every guy starts an agency, does not too bad and pays their staff like shit. But over the last 2 years developers have woken up and started asking for payment equal to their skill set and slowly agencies started die'ing out, only the big ones are still around really and they pay decent but still think you are a slave.

    So the above payment and schedule is mainly South Africa related, since most companies are still stuck in the 80's with the same work mentality (Be there at 8 or else, but work till 9 because you know the industry is just like that).
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