Damn, I really hate it when my mind wanders in the middle of conversations.

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    Eh same here, especially when in the phone
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    "Wait a second... are those... WORDS coming out of his mouth?! How peculiar, to think that he speaks so well with that awkward tongue and those lips... It's strange isn't it? That we can understand and listen to eacho-"

    "So is that okay with you?"

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    - heh.. Peculiar.. What an interesting word :) I wonder what are its origins.. Sounds almost like pecks. You know, like musculus pectoralis. But it's almost like a deminutive, so it would be tiny pecks! I wonder, was it created after someone who had tiny pecks? What could be the situation? Was he maybe one day ju.....

    - ... And then we take it over from you. Since we've heard nothing but the best feedback about your company I assume we'll be done by tomorrow morning! Allright, can we move to the next topic in our agenda?

    - ...Shit.. Did I press 'record'? I didn't. Shit!

    >[slack] is anyone recording?
    <[slack] nope. I'll start recording now

    - ...Shit....
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    @alexbrooklyn Yes! A wandering mind can be a dangerous thing!

    @2lazy2debug Happened to me this very afternoon. I was having a phone meeting and made my three colleagues repeat multiple times because I just couldn't stop brain lagging.
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    Happens more and more but usually it is possible to replay last 10 seconds. Unless if I’m actively doing something else then gotta make em repeat..
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