Poor Nokia 😂😢

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    I actually feel sorry for him
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    "We didn't do anything" is what he should've said.
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    Nokia is still in my heart for providing one of the best mobile phone experience before any smartphone like we know nowadays even existed. To compare it with Samsung, Alcatel, Motorola or similar - those were so locked down even iPhone can't compete with it. No normal file browser. It ate battery on a breakfast, combo chrome+ram is nothing. On some you even had to get a WAP (which was almost as expensive as a brick of gold) to be able to download or even _buy_ a game that was probably a spawn of devil ported to Java2ME with more bugs than in the Mummy movie. Backup of contacts via SIM. I remember only two brands that I still consider to be at the same level Nokia provided for its customers - Sony Ericsson and Blackberry.

    I still don't like how Windows got into Nokia, yet... I kind of liked it too. It was expected, though I hoped there would be some kind of fixed Symbian. Nokia <3

    (Samsung fan)
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    Nokia owners and management fucked up, big time. I don't feel pity for them. They should be hung for treason. I do feel pity for the all the excellent engineers that saw the flame go out when Elop came in and torn everything to pieces.
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    "We didnt do anything wrong"
    Well... if you did nothing wrong that means your blaming the consumers; aka you believe we are wrong. There's your problem.
    What they did wrong is not wrap their heads around the fact that mobile OS's were converging down too 2 options; Android or iOS. Instead they decided to go with their own OS for the longest time until being bought out; then they tried to push Windows 10 mobile onto consumers (Which almost no one wanted). The "wrong" they did was shutting their eyes to the reality of the mobile market. The average consumer doesnt care about features like a unified desktop experience from mobile to PC. They want applications that work well and a well backed OS; hence why iOS is so popular and Windows mobile is not. Their hardware was pretty decent and fairly well priced, how ever the software they continuously pushed out on their devices killed them.
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    Link to this talk?
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    What they did wrong was almost a parallel to RIM - resting on their laurels with a captive market. If you don't innovate, don'r be surprised when the market leaves you behind for something better.
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    Actually this man is not Nokia ceo, he looks more like Steve Balmer from Microsoft. This has to be old, just look on current ceo: http://bit.ly/2dHAnVu
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