A few of Stux's !dev pet peeves

1) People that walk slow as fuck in the middle of a side walk. Like hurry uppppp. I've gotta get 0.5 miles in like 8 minutes and you blocking the walkway doesn't help.

2) People that don't understand how side walks work. Treat it like the fucking road. ⬇️⬆️ Is the pattern in which you should walk. It's not rocket science.

3) People that start walking up the bus steps as I'm clearly walking forward to get off. Ffs let me off and THEN get on you stupid bitch

4) people that bike or ride their skateboard/longboard around campus but are moving slower than I am while walking. If you're gonna do that hop the fuck off and carry the damn thing.

5) people that don't try to solve an issue with their code on their own BEFORE they call the professor over. (There goes the !dev lol)

6) people that act like their favorite musician or athelete or actor or anyone fucking famous they play kiss ass with can't be criticized. Just bc they're famous and/or good at what they do sure asf doesn't make them perfection and I retain the right to voice my opinion.

My name is Stuxnet and you're watching Disney Channel.

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    The Disney channel for adults
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- The last time I had one of these rants, I ended it with thanks for coming to my TED talk. Figured I would just change it up on this one with a little throwback to my childhood
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    Although I agree, I am British & therefore our path emoji's are at war.
    ⬆️⬇️ - ⬇️⬆️
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    @odite I'll allow it but only this one time.

    Don't let me catch you doing shit the incorrect way again young man 😏😂😂
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    My favourite one is people who stand in a row with their friends while walking , causing awkward physical interaction @stuxnet
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    @fetch-alcohol I was having a bad day one time and I busted through this group of 3 taking up the entire side walk and being slow.

    I stopped like 15 seconds after I did it and said sorry but I didn't mean it lmao
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    pretty sure if someone biked slower than I walked they would fall over before they made it five feet 😂
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    @M1sf3t you'd be freaking surprised man.
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    @M1sf3t @Stuxnet Agreed. I have a good balance, so it's time to... Du-du-du-duel!
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    @Jilano I hope your talking bmx level balance cuz you gonna have time to even squeeze in a few tricks while you wait 😅
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    Ill add one more:

    When getting off the elevator: Let me get the fuck out before you and your 3 friends push into the 4 man area that is clearly too fucking small for me to push past you to get off in time! You rude fucks!
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    Agreed on all points mate 🤘
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    I'll add another one either:

    People who drive too slow and are too afraid to turn left or right. Like motherfucker, give your license back to the government you're in and stop slowing down the traffic.
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