Top 3 worst events in human history

3. Black death
2. World war 2
1. The advent of JavaScript

Some say we could have colonized mars by now if not for the number of years society has been (and still is being) set back by this atrocious pile of slug

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    I love how you just ignored that whole nazi-stuff.
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    @nitwhiz Lol the whole Nazi stuff is included in WW2
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    @nitwhiz ARE YOU JS DENIER!!??
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    “There are only two kinds of languages: the ones people complain about and the ones nobody uses.”

    ― Bjarne Stroustrup, The C++ Programming Language

    With that said, Javascript makes it easier do build a service in no time, plus, it can have Hot-Reload on both server and frontend and mobile app, meaning you can edit them all without having to reload your browser or server. That and more is why people use Javascript.
    For me, it allowed to me to build a full WebRTC video-conferencing infrastructure and front end in no time, when it would take years with other languages. Do not bash without knowing.
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    Seriously don't know what this is about, I use JS a lot for front-end and build tools, for quick back end microservices, tensorflow in node and other native C/C++ modules, desktop with Electron...

    But I don't use JS directly, I use TypeScript 100% of the time, coming from C#, Java, Python... TS is simply very good
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    @rantbook Oh yeah TS is the best. I don't write JS directly either
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    @bartmr surprisingly, i haven't heard any complaints about rust yet. it's only a matter of time...
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    Nobody talks about the JIT part of JS. The way I understand it the JIT will analyze common paths of execution and further optimize using runtime metrics. This potentially allows the code to perform better than precompiled code due to having actual runtime information. This is just cool technology. Come on people, Jesus Script is awesome!
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    I never can understand why people are saying JS is bad. It all boils down to your logic. Don't blame the tools or try to use a hammer as a screwdriver (it could work, but the result is messy). If your logic is bad, your code will be bad and nothing can save you from yourself
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    I think Spanish Flu should be in the list, it killed more people than the Black Death pandemics, and may have killed more than died in WW2..
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    Time for me to address some comments

    @Demolishun - Optimized shit is still shit. It's just optimized shit.
    @rantbook - Why do you think TypeScript was invented? Because JavaScript is shit.
    @bartmr - Yes that is a good quote. Stroustrup is really just saying that all programming languages will have complaints. This makes sense because it is a game of trade-offs. But we draw the line between a language with certain shortcomings and a complete heap of shit.
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    Yeah fuck JavaScript, I write my websites entirely with MIPS assembly 😎
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    @MagicSowap You are joking but this might just cause you less headaches
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