Vsauce has made all of its Mindfield content free on youtube...

Watched the episode about moral licensing

TL;DR; If you do something very good you tend to compensate and give yourself a free pass to do not so good

It happens to me in software when I accomplish something really fast, like a bumpy process that is undefined and in most cases should take X amount of time, but due to luck + experience + right mindset I get it done like 5 times faster...

I end up wasting the other parts of the time feeling good about myself and exploring google maps and writing rants here...

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    ... and watching vsauce at work
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    I watched the whole thing. It’s amazing.
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    I'm the same, I review pull requests quickly with constructive criticism but allow myself to commit syntax error fixes to master. Code sacrilege!
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    People who watch vsauce are my type. Haven't found a girl like that yet
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