[ Coworker walks up to my desk at 4:15 PM ]

Coworker: "Hey man. We had to make a few changes to the codebase because one of our unit tests were failing. Can you take a look at a pull request for me?"
Me: "Yeah sure, how many files?"
C: "About 600"
Me: [ thinking it might just be a ton of libraries or gradle shit] "...ooookaayyyy... that's a lot but doable... how many lines?"
C: “128,000 lines"
Me: "Fuck you"

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    One test failure triggered all this?
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    Let's see here...
    Nope, denied. Have a nice night!
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    But how is this possible? Did they run a code beautifier on this? How?
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    How long did it take them to write that? Dear God.

    And it doesn't sound like they wrote a new feature or a library. They had a unit test that was returning a wrong value. And to make that value correct, they added over 100,000 LINES?!?!

    It sounds like they need more than one unit test for that. Because that is not one unit. That's is a whole bunch of units. Dear God.
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    I'd ask for a week :)
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    @netikras of vacation? Sure!
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    this is why we can't have nice code
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    @alexbrooklyn naah.. a week for that review :) Maybe log a task for it..
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    PR by Mr. Linter
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    I need to know what these changes were! How long did these changes make?
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    128000 lines in 600 files = 200 lines of changes PER file. How big are these classes?
    I smell some shitty code...
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