Dear devs,

I’ve been seeing a lot of comments bashing python. I’d like to know the moment when you went “wow fuck this shit” with python.

My biggest gripe is in large ish projects, because of the dynamic typing things are so hard to debug and narrow down. If it had static typing then python would be the best, but then if it had it it wouldn’t be python in the first place I’d venture.


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    Static typing is definitely missing but that alone wouldn't make Python great.

    It just feels so bodged together. The documentation, the syntax, the standard library, the error handling. Everything feels super amateur-ish which sets off some kind of disgust sensation in me.

    The general design of the language and ecosystem is also not good in my opinion. It's hard to describe but in some languages everything fits together perfectly and harmonizes beautifully. In Python it's always one slurry of "this ain't quite right but it'll do". I know that some of this has to do with backwards compatibility, but it's not like they couldn't have designed the language well from the start.

    Java for example is missing quite a lot of features that I'd love to see, but everything it does do it does so incredibly beautifully. Javadoc and the package system are hands down the best in class from any language ever
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    @12bitfloat I agree with everything you say.

    It’s a shame all the ML stuff is written in python and it will soon become the JavaScript of the ML world and we will all be fucked once more lol
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    @grumpyoldaf Sadly, the best tool (not that we really have one, to be fair) rarely wins. It's always what is good enough and available to the masses that becomes the standard
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    I really don't like how everyone is hating python. If something is hard to debug, you did something wrong in the first placr. Python gets a lot of hate for no reason, because it should be seen as a scripting language rather than programming language. If you build something huge and bitch that it is hard to debug because of dynamic typing, why the hell have you chosen for python in the first place. Python is not the ultimate language, but it definitely has its time and place where it is very useful. Programming languages in general are tools, and if you want to use hammer for a screw go ahead, but don't bitch about choosing the wrong tool for the job.

    Rant done.
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    @EngineerCoding Python is definitely a tool. Since all scripting languages kinda suck it's hard to just use somthing else but Python certainly doesn't get hate for no reason
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    @12bitfloat oh fuck off honestly. If used properly you can build huge scalable platforms using python, you just have to know what you are doing. Less bitching and more practicing, the spoon feeding of your intellisense in your ide of choice is not going to prevent you of making fuck offs: only knowledge will
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    The thing I dislike about python is the inherent globals.
    The syntax I can live with, although I'm not a fan of whitespace, in the sense it's critical

    Other than that, it does things I need it to do and makes my life easier.
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    @EngineerCoding You can use a rock to bash on nails. Do you see carpenters using rocks? No, they use hammers beacuse they are better in pretty much every aspect. If you like Python that's fine. Just don't pretend it's more than it is
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    @12bitfloat but then don't fucking use it for your special type of nails, in the end I agree it comes down to personal preference, it if you don't like a language why would you use it
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    @EngineerCoding I don't use it for any nails because I don't like pretty much any part of it. Maybe it's me and I just don't like the shape of the handle. Or the weight of the head feels wrong. I didn't say you are an idiot for liking it. I personally just cannot get on with it in the least
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    @EngineerCoding @12bitfloat

    Ok guys, it's not like a it's PHP 😏

    Ps: I'll whack any nail or head with PHP.
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    @C0D4 Don't even get me started ;)
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    @12bitfloat you might need that keg for this 😆

    It's my secret lover of choice, so you can start if you want.
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    Use Cython if you don't like python's dynamic typing. It comes with all python's pros + static typing.
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    Any time I have to reverse engineer others python spaghetti code makes me despise it.
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    @-pthread I'd rather not
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    There isn't one exact point of no return, just that I hate the language that tries to be simple and readable but somehow manages to be the complete opposite. Give me pointers and type errors any day.
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    Any of you tried to use Pyspark? It's distributed computing in python but it's compiled to Scala and then serialized to send to another machine? I have no idea what anything is. The reliance on what the scala api gives also makes it really difficult to keep track of the necessary functions.
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