teacher (me): for the next session, we will need vagrant, please use the command 'vagrant box add…' before coming to class.

student, one week later: I tried your command, but an error came 'vagrant command not found'

me: did you install vagrant?

student: no... why?


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    brew install brain
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    Did you teach them how to install programs? Cuz if u didn't, the student gets to rant about your lack of instructions lol
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    I need to salute you for actually teaching cool stuff to your students! I didn't even hear about Vagrant once in my university studies and I felt all I was being taught were things I'd never use.

    Like svn instead of git. I guess at least I have the knowledge but it's going to fade away eventually.
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    If you can't do simple tasks you are just gonna fail simple things
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    @blank was explain in an prerequisite course, no excuses for them. ;)
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