Just started my new job.

Poorly defined requirements ✅
Expecting things to be done yesterday ✅
Poorly managed teams ✅
Terrible legacy code ✅
Half the development team is offshore ✅

Maybe I’m just selfish, but I need to work in an environment that has the following

A good technology stack.
A competent manager/team leader.
Competent colleagues.
Clearly defined documentation.
A proper onboarding process.

Why is this so difficult to find in organisations?

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    I can feel you on that. Sometimes you also get someone as your "mentor" who has no interest at all to teach you any company processes at all.
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    @Makenshi yeah for sure. I started and was twiddling my thumbs waiting to receive invites to all the necessary systems I needed. Pathetic onboarding and to be completely honest this sort of disorganisation makes me want to look for another job :/
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    Same shit, everywhere ™️
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    Unfortunately, that's every job.
    You need to create a better work place to have all those things.
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    Usual culprits:

    - "I don't want to be held responsible for any failures so I will write those requirements as vague as possible" OR "Can't you read my mind?! It all fits perfectly in there, geez."

    - "I think I can do this myself", "Oh shit, guess not" OR "I've got those other more important stuff, I will check this later without considering how much time it would take me to send request vs time it takes to fullfill it"

    - good job with this programming stuff, you are now promoted to team manager (starts to Google "managing teams for dummies") - this is called "Peter's Principle"

    - I needed it yesterday and you are actually writing terrible legacy code right now, deal with it

    - dunno, no experience with that
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    Aha. Haha haha. Keep chasing that dragon.
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    @Brolls there be dragons?
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    There's no company where these points aren't true though, including "terrible onboarding".

    The only way to improve it, is to fix it. Be a boss.

    If the onboarding is terrible, write docs on setups and system access you need, so the next one in line has it easier.

    If there's terrible legacy code, make an inventory of chunks which could be cleaned up, and plot out a realistic roadmap with milestones.

    Poorly managed is irrelevant in my opinion. I am "management", but good employees don't need management.

    Poor requirements? Refine the requirements. Go back to the person who created the task and tell them to break it up into smaller pieces, rethink it, clarify it.

    The only thing in your list I really agree with as a deal breaker is the presence of top-down deadlines.

    I want developers to think about estimates, and adjust and communicate their estimates often. I expect them to be motivated to deliver, driven to round things up. But deadlines should always be set bottom-up.
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    Same and I am hating every moment of it. Surrounded by idiots :-( . Boss even does not provided us with good furniture, my back hurts due to poor posture now.
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    Oh sweet, welcome to the company new coworker! Where's your cube? I'll stop by and say hi.
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    Bro where you sitting? I just wanna drop by and say hi
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