Working on a scaffolding tool. I'm at the naming part. Didn't imagine this will be so hard!

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    if its a software for modelling scaffolding, call it "Scaffolding Simulator" or "Scaffolding Calculator". Prepend with your IRL firstname and a 's
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    Just be careful it doesn't become Scaffoldgate
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    @sebastian but i want something that sticks, like grunt, gulp, yeoman, vue, react, node, ...

    i think i'm going with 'Scaffoldcalifragilisticexpialidocious'!
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    @orijin Thats why you prepend it with your IRL firstname.

    In my case it would be: Sebastians Scaffolding Calculator

    You understand?
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    @sebastian Yes I did understand :-) I have the descriptive name now in development, I want something completely unrelated: like ie: jade, pug, babel, laravel, ...

    You don't see Babel being called 'The EcmaScript2015 transpiler with polyfills for about anything in ES5' ;-)
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    I have the same problem naming my characters in MMOs... or The Sims.
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    @DLMousey Thank for the help! ^^ Added you to the credits ;-)
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    I'm deeply hurt that the name, "Scaffoldcalifragilisticexpialidocious" was shunned
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    @DrKintobor Extended market research and gods of QA decided that that wouldn't stick.

    So sorry! :(
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