God dammit!
Its so ducking hard, to come up with a unique name for your software.

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    imagine your software as a person.
    Which attributes does he/she have?
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    "Ducking" Is a sexually verbal word.

    I am officially offended /s
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    If you can't type "fucking" properly, I'm sure you would never come up with a name, let alone a unique one
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    I will be a package-manager for dotfiles and automated configuration of linux-systems.
    It aims to have more features than existing tools like homeshick and to be easily extendable by writing your own functionality.
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    Use deity names from Indian, Turkish, Latin and other mithologies. Not Nordic thought it's way overused
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    Just do it like Android and name it a dessert, animal, cloud formation or your favourite urologist's toy. 😄
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    @PonySlaystation lol. Where did you pull that last thing from? (Pun intended)
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    @CoffeeNcode 🤣
    Well it just happens to be my random-idea-and-joke-generator device, aliased as my brain. Not that I had any experience visiting an urologist...
    Great pun!

    (I find the general remarks of "pun intended" rather unnecessary, because it leaves the recognition of a well-versed pun to the readers cognitive ability) 😄
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    There are two hard problems in computing: cache invalidation, naming things, and off-by-one errors.
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    ok so here's how I do it:

    If it's a spinoff project, it's <original name>-<attribute i'm adding>, for example "GameYob-Accurate" (yes, that's one of mine)

    If spinoff of spinoff, say if I forked VBA-MM (VBA is garbage tho so I never would) it'd be VBA-<attribute> to keep naming consistent

    If original, it's probably a description of its purpose in 5 or less words, OR i give it a name from a now-dead game franchise (ex. "SOSETSUKEN Engine", which also is a thing I did)
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