Is looking up the answers a good way to learn?

I started with free code camp a while back and always just looked up the answers and reverse engineered them when running into trouble. If I didn’t get it I’d look up a few videos on the idea.

But recently I started at a boot camp and after I asked they greatly discouraged me from doing this but I don’t see an alternative. I could just spent hours trying to guess the right answer and maybe eventually get the right one, but then my head is full of wrong answers and it takes forever. It feels like reinventing the wheel every time. I’m scared when I get further on in the bootcamp I won’t be able to find the answers online and I’ll be directionless.

Is this just imposter syndrome or am I cheating? Everyone I’ve asked said looking up what to do is part of the job.

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    For yourself:
    - A little bit of both is good. By that I mean, trying to find a solution by yourself first, then look on the internet to find what people in the same situation as you ended up with.

    For work:
    - If you are able to/have the time to research the issue on your own a little, that's good, but you'll often won't have that kind of freedom and will have to solve said problem quickly.
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    @Jilano your half right,
    A lot of the time I find myself having to do things quickly that there is no satisfactory answer out there to deal with my predicament. It's usually a combination of solutions mashed together and the knowledge of how to make these things work for my problem - enterprise solutions with piss poor documentation = creative problem solving 😏

    But with that, as long as you know what you have (starting point) and what you need (output?), the hows usually come together by them self anyway, it's the gaps you need to learn and remember or a whiteboard.... I always have a whiteboard handy.
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