Windows vs Linux vs MacOS, Android vs iOS,
PHP vs .Net vs Java vs python vs whatever,
Angular vs React vs Elm vs vanilla ...

It's like Nintendo vs Sega,
Star Wars vs Star Trek,
Beatles vs Rolling Stones ...

It's all a bit childish, right?

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    The social aspect of our industry is a big issue at the moment. I see places where our developer communities are struggling not to become toxic. It's all down to silly arguments such as "tabs" vs "spaces".
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    As long as it doesn't turn into a mud slaughter (like it usually does) it's fine to argue with each other imho
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    @shugarsls Tabs ftw. Anyone who uses spaces is retarded.
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    The arguing isn't the problem, the issue comes when people start to make it personal. Objective arguing is the way we refine what we know, solidify suspicions, and have a good laugh if you're me and like to argue.

    Those who turn it into a competition and feel the need to attack the person not the subject is where it goes wrong.
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    Nikon is better than Canon!
    Toyota is way better than Peugeot.
    In case you needed the information.
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    It's dumb comparison - you can't create anything with Han Solo. You cant just compare whay we use to get money with things we buy with this money.
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    You forgot windows mobile :)
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    Whatever about operating systems not all frameworks were created equal. Consider pygame vs unity for a 3D game. Unity is clearly the most appropriate choice in this situation. It would perform better and require less dev time.

    In fact even with operating systems there are situations where there is a clear best choice. e.g Linux for embedded systems.

    Outside of a specific context/application/technical challenge though there is no use arguing which is intrinsicly better...

    Although it won't stop me trying. ALL HAIL REACT the chosen framework has come *mutters a prayer to Zuckerberg*

    But seriously the more info about your team, your challenge, your scope and time frame you have the more relevant these questions about tech stack become.
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