Serious question. And apologize if I sound stupid.

Why do people, especially here on devRant brag about Arch Linux?
What is so special about this OS?
What does this OS do better than Ubuntu, Debian, Kali Linux, Fedora etc?

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    Nothing is special about it for the most part lol

    It's moreso a stereotypical joke that the people who use arch are like vegans and they feel the need to tell you they use arch, even whenever it's not asked or necessary.

    Im sure there are some things tech wise that is a personal preference of the users, but the fixation with it is more like a running joke in my eyes.
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    Yeah, it's a joke. Some sort of play on not popping your cherry until you've installed Arch.
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    Most people talk about the AUR, but I don't really consider it better than other solutions.
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    unlike other linux distros, Arch Linux needs some tinkering and building to begin with. As beginner this can be intimidating. If you achieve that you could feel like "look everybody! i've made it! i've installed arch linux."
    Together with the extensive possibilities of customizability of arch linux it could been seen as an ego booster. And fishing for compliments can be addictive. Btw. I don't use arch.
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    As others said it's joke, but as @heyheni said you need to understand little underlying stuff too to use it efficiently. But mostly for jokes, BTW I use arch
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    Broooo, forget Arch....
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    @Stuxnet This pretty much. Although I've got to say, as for the vegans part, that not by far all vegans are like that (at least from my own experience).
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    @linuxxx That's the point.

    It's a joke that vegans always tell you they're vegan even if it's not relevant, just like it's a joke that Arch users tell you that they use Arch, even if it's not relevant.
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    @Stuxnet I know that as a joke but I thought you meant that part serious in your comment, oopsie
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    @linuxxx nah I was just using it as an analogy bc that's about the best one that exists to explain it lol
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    I see, thank you everyone.
    Have a productive day. Cheers.
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    It works on reeeeally low end devices since it doesn't try to shove an inefficient UI and daemons down the CPUs throat on startup like most distros.
    An even better alternative would be TinyCore (16 mB with fast UI included!) but unfortunately its community is tiny too so any problem you encounter there is a dead end.
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    @ColdFore some OSes really suck but most have certain aspects that suit certain situations. I don't brag about arch but it really suits me. I really like the package manger and consistent package naming. Love to work with relatively new packages (with Ubuntu your have to fight to get a decent version of your apps/languages/compilers).

    Perhaps as I have done Gentoo and LFS installs Arch is nothing to brag about for me. I just like to use tools that work for me. Advice you to do the same
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